Welcome to Candy Fish 

Chef / Owner Hidefumi Tsujimoto expertly prepares authentic traditional Japanese cuisine, as well as specialty rolls, donburi bowls, and bento boxes.

Hide was born and raised in Osaka, Japan. After graduating high school in 1999, he moved to Richmond, Virginia to become a full-time chef trainee. While working at the Kabuto Japanese Steak House, he learned American culture and culinary skills. He eventually moved to California to pursue his dream of becoming a master sushi chef.


In Los Angeles, he worked at several notable Japanese restaurants including Takao, Katsuya and Nobu, where he learned all the essential skills to serve high quality and authentic sushi.


Hide went to japan in 2006 to particularly study traditional sushi and culinary skills in Osaka. In 2010, his long-time dream came true of becoming an independent chef, catering fresh and authentic sushi at private banquets and events.

 Located in beautiful Morro Bay, California, Hide opened Candy fish in 2015. His restaurant is considered the hidden gem of Morro Bay.

Candy Fish - Outside view of the walk-up window